Places To Visit Alleppey

Marari Beach

Marari Beach tops the list of Alleppey places to stay for holidays with family and friends. Marari beach will give you a totally dissimilar experience of roaming around the beautiful and magnificent seashore with its pristine shores and coconut palms swaying by the sea breeze.


The Pathiramanal Island is located between Thannermukkam and Kumarakom and originates under the Muhamma panchayat. This serene island is careful one of the finest Alappuzha tourist places that enthrall leisure travelers and nature lovers all over the world. This is essentially a well-protected and perfectly managed Sanctuary for migratory and rare birds.

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Backwaters of Kuttanad

Backwaters of Kuttanad and loving the magnificent setting of coconut fringed waters is one of the top things to do in Alleppey. The better choice would be the houseboats because it will give you a healthier and comfortable option to enjoy this place thoroughly..

Vembanad Lake

This lake is the largest one in Kerala as glowing as the longest one too. The Vembanad Lake is one of the best Alappuzha tourist places to enjoy backwater tourism. Flanked by mangrove forests and coconut trees on all sides, Vembanad lake in the soul of Kerala tops the list of most beautiful Alleppey tourist places..

Mannarshala Temple

The Mannarshala Temple is fundamentally a Nagaraja temple (snake temple). There is a belief out here that the couple who is yearning for a baby can finally get one by worshipping at this temple. Every year you can observer a lot of devotees coming from the dissimilar parts of India out here and worshipping for the well-being of their household.

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