Courtallam Falls

Courtallam is famous for nine waterfalls. The Peraruvi is the main waterfall which falls from a height of 60 m. The Chitraruvi or the small falls leads to the Shenbagadevi falls and Thenaruvi.

Shenbagadevi Falls, Courtallam

The Shenbagadevi Falls is a waterfall which flows through shenbaga trees that gives the Falls its name. The waterfall flows from a height of 41 ft and is located on the road that leads to Honey Falls. The spot can be reached through a trek route from the Main Falls.

Snake Park, Courtallam

Snake Park is a popular tourist destination. The park is located near the Main Falls or Aintharuvi. The nearby attractions also include a children’s park and a public aquarium. The snake park houses a variety of snakes.


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