Places To Visit Varkala

Anchuthengo & Anjengo Fort

The fort was built during British rule, but they were not able to pronounce the name of Anchuthengo fort, so they named it Anjengo fort.

Kapil Lake

Kapil lake attracts many tourists every year as the place gives splendid views of landscapes. To make the visit memorable for tourists the department has provided a boating service in Kapil lake.

Janardana Swami temple

Thousands of people come to this ancient temple to worship Lord Shiva and to celebrate the Arattu festival.

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Varkala Cliff

This is one of the most visited places in Varkala. Varkala cliff is a major attraction among tourists as the place is a geological site. You must visit this place when on a trip to Varkala as the views from the cliff are mesmerizing and in the evening the place becomes a paradise for photography lovers.

Kaduvayil Juma Masjid

The masjid is very popular among Muslims and visited by many people every-day. Tourists visit the masjid to seek peace and to admire the architectural beauty.

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