Places To Visit Munnar

Echo Point Near Munnar

Definitely a must-visit place in Munnar, Echo Point is located at the confluence of three mountain ranges and a shimmering lake.

Anamudi Peak

It is believed that the mountain has the largest numbers of Asian elephants, Gaurs and the Nilgiri Tahrs. So, the name Anamudi literally means “Elephants Foreheads”. The view is just amazing from the top of the mountain. You can plan for a trekking in the Anamudi peak.

Neelimala View Point

The continuous Meenmutty Waterfalls talkative transversely the flourishing greenery of Wayanad is the eyesight that gives you at the Neelimala View Point. On attainment the charming point of view, extravagance your eyes to the eye-catching view it offers or even look for butterflies of diverse colours.

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Lakkam waterfalls

This famous waterfall is few minutes from the town of Munnar. Vaga trees surround the amazing waterfall in a very beautiful way.

Attukal Waterfalls

9 kms from Munnar, Attukal Waterfalls are known for their scenic location and natural beauty. You have to cross small winding roads and a narrow bridge to reach here.

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