Places To Visit Kozhikode


This is a littoral town situated in Kozhikode district & the whole town is bounded by green lands and blue water bodies. In Beypore town there is a hand intertwining institute the teaches the traditional art of weaving. Beypore is stuffed with shopping markets, restaurants, sunset view spots and institutes.

Kozhikode Beach

Most of the tourists visit here for sunset view and shopping near Kozhikode beach. At the beach, you can participate in water sport activities like swimming, scuba diving, water skiing, and paragliding.

Mananchira Square

Today the place is famous for its open theatre and musical fountains. Inside the Manachira square, there is an reproduction hill and is used by general public for a picnic. The theatre that is within the Manachira square shows the lives of kings and the history of palaces.

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Waterfalls in Kozhikode

Thusharagiri waterfall is in a tribal village and here you can do many things like swimming, trekking, and rock climbing. Kozhippara Fall is another waterfall that is best known for trekking sites. The water here falls from a height and forms a pool on the base which is just perfect for swimming. Villari falls situated in rocky terrain and the water body is treated to the eye. Many animals come to this waterfall to drink water.

Sargaalaya Kerala Art

This art is a must-visit so that you can spectator the art and culture of Kerala. The shows are prepared by the department of tourism to educate the tourists about the culture of Kerala. The place is a must-visit for art concubines.

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