Places To Visit Kannur

Payyambalam Beach

Payyambalam Beach glistens with golden sand pearls and white waves of the Arabian Sea during the day.

St Angelo’s Fort

St Angelo’s Fort is one of the most popular Kannur visiting places. With its pure elegance and overwhelming power, the polished yet prehistoric structure of this fortress exudes charm. Standing on a sandy beach in the Arabian sea

Kannur Lighthouse

Kannur lighthouse is the first of its type in Kerala, and hence it is one of the most popular places to visit in Kannur.

Parassinikadavu Snake Park

This snake park in Parassinikkadavu is one of its most unique tourist attractions. Among the park’s 150 species of reptiles are crocodiles, lizards, snakes, and rare migratory and endemic birds.

Palakkayam Thattu

Palakkayam Thattu one of the best Kannur places near the Western Ghats. The hill station is also one of Kerala’s most popular tourist attractions.

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Ezhimala is visually stunning and offers views of the incredible natural beauty below and around. A battle for the Chola-Chera wars is believed to have taken place on this hill.

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