Places To Visit Idukki

Hill View Park

As the name of this park shows, you will be able to get a good view from a hill when you visit there. The area provides an excellent panoramic view of the area below, where you can see elephants in their natural habitat.

Idukki Arch Dam

Arch Dam will be the best choice for you. Indeed, it is a majestic and awe-inspiring dam. It is situated at an altitude of 167.68 meters.

Mangala Devi Temple

Mangala Devi, here you can see the idols of Lord Shiva, Ganesh, and Lord Karuppuswamy. During the Chitrapournami festival, the devotees can visit the idols and offer their prayers.

Kulamavu Dam

It was constructed in 1961 to restrict water flow into the Kallivalli rivulet. This dam was built on the Periyar River. Kulamavu is one of the best places to visit in Idukki. For its spectacular beauty

Thommankuthu Falls

It is one of the famous and beautiful falls you can visit with your partner or family. The beauty of this farm will win your heart. This location is best suited for trekkers and rock climbers. This waterfall got its name after Thomman fell into the waterfall while crossing the river.

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The starting point of the trek is Silent valley, and after 8Km of trekking, you can get grasslands. Wildlife, rainforests, and small waterfalls can be noticed in this single mountain

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