Places To Visit Hampi

Vijaya Vittala Temple

The temple is Hampi’s maximum extravagant architectural shrine. A 15th-century temple dedicated to Lord Vittala is situated at the end of the Vittala Bazaar. This temple has 56 carved musical pillars that produce sound when tapped. Furthermore, this temple also has the iconic Jewel of Hampi – The Stone Chariot.

Virupaksha Temple

Lord Shiva and is considered the oldest temple in India. Here, you will meet Laxmi, the sacred elephant as well. Virupaksha Temple has three gopuras around it. The main gopura, on the east, is an imposing structure, nine stories, 50 meters tall. The height of the temple is around 166 feet.

Queen’s Bath

Queen’s Bath was probably the royal bathing chamber for the kings, and their wives, yet another famous heritage site in Hampi. This elegant and massive structure takes you back to the ancient period.

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Matanga Hill

The hike is easy and takes up to 45 minutes to reach the top, where you can watch the sun setting on the Virupaksha temple’s peak.

Tungabhadra garden and dam

Actuality one of the best wildlife parks in India, Nagarhole National Park is a paradise for ardent nature courtesans and solitude seekers. Located in Mysore and is one of the best attractions near Coorg. This national park features rich wildlife, flora and fauna, and beauty all around.

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