Places To Visit Guruvayur

Guruvayur Temple

one of the most revered forms of Lord Vishnu, the temple holds a special place in the hearts of people and is, of course, one of the most well-known places to visit in Guruvayur. Besides its cultural significance, people also visit the temple to witness the magnificent architecture of the temple

Chandragiri Fort

Murikkady is 5 meters left from Thekkady. Big swaths of plantations are what make this area well-known. Given its proximity to the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, it makes sense to explore both locations in one go. In the plantations of Murikkady, cardamom, pepper, coffee, and tea are all planted in cornucopia.

Elephant Camp Sanctuary

This is an amazing place that can be enjoyed by adults as well as children. The complex is home to more than 60 Asian elephants that you can glimpse roaming about casually in the deep forests and lush green surroundings.

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Chavakkad Beach

Chavakkad Beach is a beach in Chavakkad Municipality of Thrissur District in Kerala State. It is famous for the Azhimukam, the confluence of the river and sea. It is about 5 km from Guruvayoor railway station and about 79 km from Cochin International Airport.

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