Places To Visit Gokarna

Kudle Beach

Kudle Beach is located towards the south of the Gokarna beach. The Kudle beach is one of the most visited beaches in Gokarna and has plenty of places for tourist accommodation. The beach is lined with several cafes and restaurants.

Om Beach

Om Beach is the sister beach of the Kudle beach in terms of popularity and although one half of the beach features vast sandy seashores, with clean waters and sand, the other half is lined with restaurants and lodgings.

Mahabaleshwara Temple

The Shiva temple covers two lingams, namely the Paralingam and the Atmalingam. The temple was built by the Kadamba King Mauryasharma and displays a vivacious Dravidian style of construction.

Koti Tirtha

Koti Tirtha literally means a thousand springs and is considered to be an immensely sacred spot for the Hindus. The surroundings are totally ancient and will provide a totally different experience to the visitors..

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