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Pamban Bridge

An architectural wonder, India's first sea bridge on Palk Strait connects Rameshwaram to mainland India. It refers to both the rail and the road bridge. The old rail bridge ravaged by the 1964 super cyclone was repaired in a record time of 46 days by the engineers. Though the trip through the low level train bridge is quite enthralling, the road bridge offers for a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean, which sometimes seems like vaster than the sky above.

Rama Setu (Adam’s Bridge)

he name Dhanushkodi means ‘end of bow’ referring the bow of Hindu God, Lord Rama, who used it to break the bridge after the war was over with the king of Lanka. As legend has it, Lord Rama had built the bridge of ‘floating stones’ to reach Sri Lanka in the quest of rescuing his wife Sita from the clutches of the evil king Ravana. Satellite picture from NASA’s space missions have confirmed the existence of a million year old link (bridge) under water on at least two occasions. An excerpt from NASA’s records quotes that ‘Sri Lanka is shaped like a giant teardrop falling from the southern tip of the vast Indian subcontinent.

Ghost Town

A depression that formed in the South Andaman Sea on 17th Dec’ 1964 developed into a cyclonic storm and made landfall in Dhanushkodi on the fateful night of 22nd Dec’1964. Menacing tidal waves up to 7 m high not only caused devastation and heavy casualties in the entire town but also washed an incoming train (Pamban - Dhanushkodi passenger) into the sea resulting in the death of more than 100 passengers while it was on its way to the station. After this catastrophe, instead of rebuilding it, the Tamil Nadu Government declared Dhanushkodi as a ghost town (a place unfit to live in).

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